Introducing AARE’s Program for Part Time Agents

What is AARE’s Part Time Agent Program?

AARE’s program is designed for agents who wish to affiliate with an agency to do their real estate transactions on a referral basis.

How does the Part Time Agent Program work?

Our part time agents refer their existing clients, friends and family to full time AARE agents in exchange for a referral fee. Part time agents may not conduct sales transactions themselves without referring or partnering up with an experienced full time AARE agent who is meeting our minimum sales requirements. When you have a lead, you simply call our Supervising Broker, Tiffany Mohler at 760-444-0828 and give her the information. She will give the lead to one of our AARE agents who will follow up with the contact.  

What does a Referral Agent do and how can I become one? 

To learn all about becoming a Referral Agent, how it works, what I would do…please see AARE Referral Agent Opportunity.  AARE REFERRAL AGENT OPPORTUNITY

How much can I make as a Part Time Agent with AARE?

Please see the AARE Part Time Agent Program that clearly spells out our Referral Leads Splits and gives you an example of a typical transaction. AARE PART TIME AGENT PROGRAM

If I sign up for the Part Time Referral Program, do I need to send a minimum number of referrals per year to stay in the program?

There is no minimum although we suggest that you make at least 1-2 referrals per year. We provide virtual training videos how to increase your referrals and your success!

If my license is no longer active what do I have to do?

You must activate your license with the California department of real estate.

How much does it cost to renew my license?

Please check current fees with the California department of real estate.

How do I transfer my license to AARE?

Once you sign with us, you will need contact the CA Real Estate Bureau to move your license to AARE. We will give you instructions how to do this.  

Do I have to be a dues paying member of San Diego Association of Realtors (SDAR)?

No. Once you hang your license with us, we will certify that you are a referral agent only. You will not be required to pay any dues or association fees. Please note you cannot be a member of Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 

Are there any costs to become a regular or part time agent?

No. There are no upfront costs or monthly costs or E&O insurance costs to affiliate with our brokerage. We cover all the overhead costs. However, when you receive a referral commission or sales commission, there is a split with the company.   AARE PART TIME AGENT PROGRAM

If I sign up as a part time agent with AARE and  want to become a full time agent, can I do that? Is there a minimum number of transactions per year I need to qualify or stay active?

You may interview with AARE at anytime to become a full time agent by contacting our Supervising Broker, Tiffany Mohler at 760-444-0828 or email There is a minimum of 5 sales per year to stay active as full time agent. You may partner with an experienced full time AARE agent if you plan to sell less than 5 per year. Our goal is for our full time agents to be selling at least 8 transactions per year or $4,000,000 in sales volume. At this point, we will usually pair the part time agent with a coach or mentor to make the transition.  

How do I learn more about AARE?

Please visit our website here

I’m interested and would like to talk to someone about getting started!

Please call David Malme at 858-381-4200 or via email We would love to talk with you!



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