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What is AARE’s Generous Giving Program?

It’s an innovative program from AARE where we are able to generate significant financial contributions to support charities and their ongoing work in the US and throughout the world. 

If your charity has referred you to this website they have done so you can learn about AARE’s Generous Giving Program.  Under federal and state law in a commercial co-venture, a charity cannot endorse or promote our services. They are sharing information about this opportunity so donors and potential supporters can learn more about and decide if they wish to participate. 

Why is AARE doing this?   

AARE is a real estate company that has a heart to support charities. To that end, AARE has developed a program to encourage generosity. Clients, real estate agents, homeowners, donors, nonprofits, churches and businesses can all participate in the program.

How can I learn more about AARE?

You can learn more about AARE by visiting our website AARE.org. You can also call us at 1-619-GIVE-777 or 1-888-32-AGENT and speak to one of our staff.

How does it work?

If you or someone you know is thinking about buying, selling or leasing property anywhere in the United States, whether residential or commercial and want your transaction to support a charity of your choice, all you need to do is contact AARE. If you and your charity choose to work with AARE, when your transaction closes, a percentage from the company’s commission will be donated to your charity. Please see the Donation Chart here. Remember, the donation is from AARE’s commission so there is no cost to you.

How much will the donation be?

Please review our Generous Giving Donation Chart.

How does a charity qualify to be a part of the Generous Giving Program.

Organizations must be registered and in good standing with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) to be eligible to participate. Contact David Malme at David@AARE.org or call 858-381-4200 to learn how to be a part of this program.

Can charitable organizations outside the U.S. participate?

Only charitable organizations qualified under Section 501(c)(3) and located in one of the 50 U.S. States or the District of Columbia are eligible to participate. 

How does the program differ from real estate agent’s simply making a donation to a charity?

We know that many real estate brokers and agents are wonderful supporters of local charities and we certainly want to encourage them to continue their generosity. We make our donation from the companies portion of the commission not the agents. Please see the Generous Giving Donation Chart to see the amounts we will give.  Generous Giving Donation Chart

If one of the charity’s Board members or donors  is a real estate agent/broker, can they participate in the program?

As we mentioned, we want to encourage agents and brokers to continue their generosity to donate from their commissions. But we are always looking qualified agents who share our commitment to give generously and would love to talk to interested brokers and agents about becoming a referral agent where they work.

Where is the donation coming from?

When AARE gives a real estate lead to one of our agents or an affiliated agent outside our area the agent agrees to pay AARE a referral commission. That’s an standard real estate practice. AARE takes that referral commission and from that, gives a donation to the Generous Giving Charity based on the Donation Chart. The donation to the charity comes from AARE’s referral commission not from the real estate agent’s commission.

Is the program only for charities in California?

We can help people anywhere in the US. Over the years we have created a list of highly qualified agents and brokers throughout the US. When you contact us regarding a property out of our area, we will provide contact information for a qualified agent in your area that you can interview. We’ll even help you in that interview process to make sure he/she is the best person for you.  

How do I know I’m working with a qualified and experienced agent? How can we learn more about AARE?

AARE’s goal has always been to identify the select realtors that shine above the rest based on their morals, ethics and past experience serving homeowners. AARE only hires experienced agents with a proven track record seeking an environment to flourish and master their craft. You can learn more about AARE by visiting our website AARE.org. You can also call us at 1-619-GIVE-777 or 1-888-32-AGENT and speak to one of our staff.

Does the charity have to sign an agreement and how long is the term?

Yes there is a simple agreement that we use that outlines how the process works. The agreement is on-going, without end until termination by one party of this agreement. Either party may terminate this agreement upon 14 days notice to the other part. 

What does charity do after the agreement is signed?

We will work with the charity to develop a strategy for AARE to best share information about the program with their donors, supporters and friends.

How do charities tell their friends, donors and supporters about their participation in this program?

We will give you an ad that you can use on your own website, your social media accounts, fundraising events, or email correspondence with a link to our AARE.TV website to learn more about the program. Some organizations send out informative updates via direct mail. If you do, you may want to include our Generous Giving logo on your letter with contact information how to learn more. This would direct them again to the AARE.TV website. AARE will never ask to access your donor list or any information regarding your donors. 

How long does it take for the charity to receive the donation?

Usually within 15 days from the close of the transaction.

Is this an exclusive agreement? If a charity signs, are their donors and supporters obligated to use your company?

This is a non-exclusive agreement. There is no obligation. Selecting a real estate agent is a personal decision. We believe that when a friend of the charity is given the opportunity to interview one of our agents they will want to use one of our prequalified pros.

Is the Generous Giving Program only for residential sales?

In addition to sales of residential and commercial properties. Commercial leases also qualify. For example we would determine the donation based on the total amount of the lease. For example, if its a $10k/month lease for 5 years, it would be valued at $600k. Please see the Generous Giving Donation Chart to see the amounts we will give.  Generous Giving Donation Chart

I would like my upcoming real estate transaction to benefit a charity I support, but I’m not sure if they are part of this program. What do I need to do? 

Please contact David Malme at David@AARE.org or call 858-381-4200 who will contact the charity and explain the Generous Giving Program.    

This sounds too good to be true. Is there any cost or downside to participate in this program?

There is no cost or downside to the program. Our experience is that once an individual or charity understands the program…they want to be involved and will encourage others to participate. 

What others say

We love AARE’s Generous Giving Program. We received a check for $13,512. The entire process was simple, easy and fun. I highly recommend the program to any non-profit looking for ways to generate financial resources.

Colin Sinclair | So Cal Regional Director
Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The donation from AARE will make a difference in the housing needs of our clients! Thank you for this wonderful program!
May God bless your company abundantly for your desire to make a difference in our community!

 Michelle John | Executive Director 
New GateWay 


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